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Gonna be ending the night with a great throwback game! Cannot wait till titanfall 2 comes out
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iNcontroL As the team Captain, and longtime member of Team EG dating back to its Brood War roots, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson is one of the most familiar faces within the foreign SC2 scene. He is a solid Protoss but he is as much known for his play as he is for his personality, with many appearances on an assortment of streamed shows, such as Inside the Game and State of the Game.

iNcontroL is a regular competitor at MLG, being placed into pool play as well as having come in fourth at MLG Dallas 2011. He performed strongly in the first season of the NASL, where he was also featured as a caster, and will be returning as a player for season 2. Given a strong competitive record and his vast community involvement, it’s easy to say that Geoff is one of the most influential members of the Starcraft community.
LostWhale mtslzerox
CinnamonToastKen I play video games...LOTS of video games :D
Naix alfkid
Coestar Name's Coestar, breh. Whatchoo lookin' at? Don't think I dun see you over there, lookin' at this profile. Best get a hobby, breh, 'fore I hefta do somethin' boutcher attitude.
AplanityGaming benmoot
PaulSoaresJr Family-friendly Minecraft and other game-play!

I'm just a regular guy that enjoys PC gaming as a hobby. I'm also a full-time business owner, husband, and father so I'm kinda busy! If I don't reply to your comment or question, please don't take it personally.

My "MATURE" game-play channel: http://www.youtube.com/paulieontap
Loako AndreAwesome
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