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<p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/andromedamasseffect/photos/a.1444525015851123.1073741828.1444421885861436/1615522795418010" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/andromedamasseffect/photos/a.1444525015851123.1073741828.1444421885861436/1615522795418010</a></p> <p>New info about Andromeda's new "Mako", the Nomad ND1.</p> <p>"The Nomad ND1 is an exploration-focused land vehicle utilized by Pathfinders as part of the Andromeda Initiative to scout out potential Golden Worlds for colonization.</p> <p>• Mass Effect: Andromeda team got special guidance from NFS developers on its handling.<br /> • It's very fast, still boosts, and maneuvers much better than Mako.<br /> • The Nomad doesn't have weapons, though you can customize things like its speed and appearance.<br /> • We wanted a seamless experience from picking a planet to walking down to your cargo hold, hopping into the Nomad and landing on a planet. There is a landing sequence and you get off the ship. No more loading screens and instantly popping up on the surface of a planet."</p> <p>Okay, the thing I'm bothered by is that third point - "no weapons". As we saw from the trailer, there WILL be humongous monsters like the Thrasher Maw we have to fight on the planet in Andromeda, meaning that instead of that awesome feeling as we take down those monsters with the Mako cannon, we have to fight it on-foot like some Monster Hunter copy? I don't know. Fighting such a titan on-foot can be badass, but it feels like taking away something fun from the Mako experience when you deprive the Nomad of weapons. I loved blowing away smaller troops with the Mako's guns, just send them literally flying across the ground with the turret machinegun. Remember that? That was awesome. So, yeah, I don't know.</p> <p>I guess I could understand why they had to make such a compromise - maybe designing the Nomad with weapons was too complicated for them or something, with the 4k graphics overhaul - but boy, I'll miss scoping and shooting those tiny people from the comforts of my Mako.</p>


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