created by Giant Squid and published by 505 Games

Windows PlayStation 4

ABZÛ is an epic descent into the depths of the sea, where players will explore beautifully rendered ocean environments with fluid swimming controls. The experience draws inspiration from the deep innate narrative that we all carry within our subconscious: the story of ABZÛ is a universal myth that resonates across cultures. The name references a concept from the oldest mythologies; it is the combination of the two ancient words AB, meaning ocean, and ZÛ, meaning to know. ABZÛ is the ocean of wisdom.

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i'm a 23 yo finnish guy who likes video games and art stuff :v

Hi xD The name's Izzi and I make silly gameplay videos with a bunch of people :) Check it out the channel https://gaming.youtube.com/gamingwithizzi

Hello ^^ my name is Mary and I have a gaming channel on youtube called Simply Gameplays. I play RPG's and horror games so check it out if you like ^.^

Game Dev by day, Game Addict by night! Currently Playing #FFXIV #ARK #Overwatch #SubNautica #LifeIsStrange #Diablo #TombRaider #NoMansSky

Greetings. I am a nerd, a geek, whatever you want to call me but I like to read and go on the computer. please follow.

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