World history A thousand years ago the Great Cataclysm split Sarnaut into innumerable islands – allods – spread in the Astral. Their inhabitants learned to live in the new world and travel the Astral in special ships. Very soon the war burst out between the old-time enemies – the League and the Empire – for the power over the world. Bloody battles on the allods and large-scale fights in the Astral never cease. Adventurers and cutthroats of all kinds thrive on the chaos of war and unexplored treasures of the Astral. But nobody knows that the real catastrophe is still yet to come... Astral The boldest adventurers sail the depths of the Astral, where monstrous demons and untold treasures are waiting for them. The chaotic, unceasingly changing and warping Astral constantly offers new trials for the strongest heroes of Sarnaut. Acquire your own ship, gather your team of valiant allies and challenge the demonic threat! The reward will surely make it worthwhile. Races and Factions: Kanians Gibberlings Elves Pridens Xadaganians Orcs Arisen Classes: Warrior Paladin Scout Healer Warden Mage Summoner Psionicist Bard Engineer


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