created by Matrix Software and published by Psygnosis Limited, Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated, Working Designs & MonkeyPaw Games

PlayStation PlayStation 3 PSP

A PS1 RPG in the vein of Zelda, Alundra has the player control a psychic youth as he combats an ancient evil that threatens to overwhelm the peaceful village of Inoa.


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Generic user.

I am a Casual Gamer in dreams of becoming a game designer and create my own series.

Discovered video games with the NES, but truly grew up with the Playstation. Fell for RPG's and story-driven games early on and haven't looked back.

I enjoy all types of games, primarily on consoles. Classics are the best and should be respected as the foundation for what we have today.

Geek, Professional Writer and Editor, Aspiring Storyteller. I specialize in everything that helps you procrastinate. JRPG freak.

"On-line gaming is not about winning Its all about the fun and great times while playing with other people" (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Gaming since the Apple IIe

UI / UX designer of Player.me. Shiptoaster level 97. Tries to be a bit clever in life.

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