Animal Crossing

created by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo

Nintendo 64 GameCube

In Animal Crossing, the player lives a virtual life where they design interiors, collect items, capture various species of bugs and fish, and explore a one-of-a-kind town filled with amiable animal townsfolk.

I'm a huge fan of gaming, music, comics, movies, you name it! I have a pretty diverse taste when it comes to all of these things.

Hey! I love video games! My favorite are final fantasy vii (obviously) most of the halos, animal crossing, call of duty and many many others!!!!

Addicted to open world games like Skyrim and GTA V, but honestly, I'll play anything. I'm always up for a chat, so say hi ✌

I am someone who loves to play video games reads/watch anime/manga and making jokes. My favorite food is pizza. I play both PC and console.

No one wanted to belive, belive they even existed. And when the truth finally dawns, it dawns in fire. But.. there's one they can fear.

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