Anno 1503

created by Max Design GesMBH and published by Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software GmbH


1503 A.D.


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Hi I'm TheZuspect I'm 19 years old and come from Germany. I love to play :D

Name in Other Games: FEX___96

Me. 36years old, from Northern Germany. Playing mostly RPG/Strategygames and a lot of Kerbal Space Program. Streaming on Twitch with no Schedule.

A 21-year-old gamer from Germany. Currently studying computer engineering.

Hey! :D I'm Onkel Morph, primarily a german YouTuber, but also streamer on Twitch and Beam. Favorite games: Anno (ALL parts), TES, ... space empty ._.

Hello! KuroNeko87 here! I like Anime, Strategy Games, RPG's, Sandbox, and Survival

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