Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

created by GUST Co., Ltd. and published by Banpresto Co., Ltd., NIS America, Inc. & NIS Europe

PlayStation 2

The highly anticipated simulation RPG is returning to the PS2 promising its cult followers more gameplay, features and innuendos. Ar Tonelica 2 will be taking advantage of the PS2s 3D and 2D capabilities, creating a seamless bridge between the two visual expressions. Many fans will be pleased by its stunning anime-inspired characters and movies while RPG enthusiasts can take on tough enemies with Ar Tonelico's revolutionary combat system. Features Fast paced song magic battle system A DIVE system that allows you to date your teammates in a virtual world Massive item and character customization system 4 different endings for 100 plus hours of gameplay only RPG with a sim factor to power up your characters


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