ArmA II: Ultimate Military Simulator is, as the title would suggest, a Military Simulation game developed by Bohemia Interactive. Experience the intensity of lifelike combat situations in one of the most realistic soldier sims available.


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I am decent at most games and I am willing to play anything with anyone for a good time!


Relaxed gamer, coffee snob, life long internetist. I have a theoretical degree in physics. Paramedic, almost a nurse. Steward to the Hiltons.

I love playing games with new people. I am an active on my twitch account and my YouTube accounts. I play many games and record most of the gameplay.

Addict gamer who recently jumped on the stream train. Lets make magic happen. http://Twitch.tv/Jcub3ed https://goo.gl/9Ypokb

I'm full time local truck driver and part time Twitch variety streamer. I love puppies and kittens and hanging out with peeps.

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