Face off in fast-paced, turn-based PvP with Atlas Reactor – a genre-defining new competitive game that fuses simultaneous turns with team tactics. Read minds, master customizable Freelancers, and outwit your enemies in a world where a 20-second turn can change the tide of battle.


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Your friendly Asian from The Netherlands.

Hi KoolCats! I make gaming video's, like Minecraft, Roblox, The Sims, app games, and More! I support Indiegames, and I'm a Future Game Developer.

Long time gamer and member of Infirmary Gaming.

Hey Guys my Name is Max and im 14 and i come from Germany

I'm Brandon or Shamanom (Shaman-om) I'm a funny guy from Western NY that loves working with charities and having fun with his community. Lets play !

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