Ride your music. Audiosurf 2 is the music game for your entire music collection. Players can use their own music to create a unique puzzle track for them to compete on. Players can also submit their own mods and skins to the steam workshop for other users to use. The game leaves early access on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.


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One of the leaders of legendary CzechoSlovak clan in Battlefield 3, the PIRATES. Main games:BF4, OW, HoTS.

Student; Digital Media Design [Associates of Applied Sciences]; Oklahoma City Community College

No-Proffesional eSport Player, Programmer, Fanboy

Bios are really cool but why you dont click on my Profile to see a nice Gaming guy from Germany?! <3

Hey!. So I'm me, a little wacky, kind of silly, enjoy gaming as I'm sure everyone here does, and newly started to write reviews at suitablyslow.com

Gamer. From casual to competitive, "girly" to warlike, I'm there. With cats, probs.

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