created by Gearbox Software LLC and published by 2K Games

Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One

A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands. To defend it, you’ll need to utilize every type of character and weapon you’ve ever imagined -- from cyborg hawkmen to samurai vampires to mini-gun wielding man-mountains. Slash and parry, run and gun, cast and dash, or simply obliterate foes while building and growing your personal team of heroes. Choose your hero and fight alone or co-operatively alongside friends in story missions, or battle against them in fast-paced competitive multiplayer matches.


i love anything to with Japanese games and love psvita it like child i play it every day as well go to work

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Hey guys Monolith here! In most cases I'm a very aggressive play style person. So expect a lot of nonsense, and action! Who thinks before anyway?

I'm pretty chill so wassup!

I'm an old fart who started playing before most of your moms and dads even knew each other. The way things are going I'll probably die while gaming.

Luqman Hakim, Male ♂, 20, Just a average gamer from Singapore.

just a dude playing games that's all...

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