Battlerite is an action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive PvP combat. Experience the explosive combination of a top-down shooter with a fast paced fighting game. Battlerite is made by Stunlock Studios.

私はロリコンのための聖剣クエストを振るう. :3 友達になろうと一緒に遊びます.

I love playing games like WoW, HearthStone, and other Blizzard titles! I will add more information in the near future!

Streamer https://www.twitch.tv/votekickz

I'm the Ralph Lauren of Video Games! What does that mean? Well I don't know..

Hello, chaps! My name's Nick S. I like gaming & tea and will be willing to play whatever games I own with any friendly chap I meet.

Hi my name is Riven

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