In Battlesouls, two teams fight against each other to destroy the other teams’ Soul Crystals. The game is a fast paced action game with both melee and ranged attacks and different spells for the players to use. There are several unique classes in Battlesouls, they all have 2 active and 1 passive ability. In Battlesouls you don’t have to wait until you die to change your class, you can change on the fly! Before a match starts, you pick out the 3 heroes you want to bring in to the battle and when you play you can freely change between them (with a small cooldown after a change). All the gameplay elements in Battlesouls are focused on encouraging the players to change their class often in order to adapt to the situation they are in as individuals and as a team. A game of Battlesouls is designed to last around 10-15 minutes and you can always jump in and out of games, no waiting around for a set number of players to be ready! The core values of Battlesouls are: “Fast Paced Action”, “Fun With Friends”, “Class change is king”.

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Wife, Mom and Gamer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Getting into gaming again after many years of absence.

Partner at Devdog.io. I like games, crowdfunding is here to stay, and Ouya rocks (don't try to convince me otherwise!)

I play Hearthstone casually and host gaming events in Denmark

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