What is Bit.Saw? Bit.Saw is a rage puzzle platformer that involves flipping the gravity to collect the squares (which are called "Bits") in doing so it builds the doorway to the next level, each level is of increasing difficulty, And it is sure to make you want to rip your hair out!, The full version of the game contains 24 Levels which can take anywhere from 20 Seconds to 20 Minutes to beat depending on your skill level and sanity. What else can I do in Bit.Saw? Bit.Saw features Statistics and Achievements where you can challenge yourself to complete all the achievements and then scream at the world as you try to beat your best time on all of the levels while keeping the gravity flip count down to a complete minimum, If by some miracle of a chance you beat all 24 levels, There is a hidden bonus level after the credits however I will leave that for you to discover how to unlock it!. I hope you enjoy the game :)

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