created by Terminal Reality, Inc. and published by Majesco Entertainment

Mac Windows GameCube PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox

A half-human, half-vampire secret agent in a tight leather outfit uses guns and razor-sharp tonfa blades to wreak bloody havoc against Nazis seeking supernatural artifacts. Best premise ever? Perhaps.


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Hello My name is Andrej Sabljak, I am from croatia and I like games, who dont xD. I am streaming if that is posibble and I have youtube channel.

Video Games are nearly all I ever talk about. I am constantly thinking up ideas for games and I very much love the horror and fantasy genres.

an addicted master race.

Gamer nerd with an interest in anything weird, creepy, or unique.

help me obi juan you're my only ho

Gamer for life.

PC Gaming, Hardware Enthusiast, Web Developer. Colombia.

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