This is your story. This is the story of how you chose one of the three Realms and carved your name in the blood of your enemies. This is the story of how you became a legend. Whether you choose the noble Arthurians, the mysterious Tuatha Dé Danann, or the fierce Vikings, every battle changes you. Every building changes your world. Every adventure becomes a part of the story, raising your Realm’s power and influence through combat or crafting. Gain power through using abilities instead of grinding experience points, and become mighty through great skill. Fight other players for resources or land, carefully coordinate attacks and sieges with your Realm, and write your tale in letters of fire for the tomes of history.


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The original Zolgar. EQ, DAOC, SWG, WoW, EQ again (Project 1999), and SWG again (SWGEmu)

Small Time Steamer, and You-tuber with a MASSIVE thing for games and gaming and the complete awesomeness that is the gaming community!

MMORPG player. If it's an MMO, I'll play it. Currently playing EverQuest, Neverwinter, The Division, Destiny, and DC Universe Online.

Recruitment/Marketing specialist, wife, life-time music major, gamer, professional owl lover | Curse Voice - Ehvayne | I am a stick.

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