What if dimensional monsters were to attack Seoul?!! Dimensional Monsters are invading through a dimensional monsters, and your help is needed to wipe them out! Become an agent of the Black Lambs, an organization dedicated to killing the dimensional monsters, and protect Gangnam in New Seoul. Select one of the exciting characters found among the Black Lambs and find your own unique style. * Location names and in-game graphics for the game may vary to better suit the target country. More details will later be provided by the publisher for each country.

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loves rpg, tps anime & manga.

Just a lazy HikiNEET My job is High School DxD Vietnamese Editor https://twitter.com/AdventureOfMagi https://www.facebook.com/RenkiOkami

Just your average gamer, who enjoys his anime/non-anime games. Big fan of action and mech games in general.

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