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Life's too short, make the most of it.

17 Years old, male

Hellooooo everyone. I'm a games commentator on a brand new YouTube channel. It's early days and I'm still learning, but loving every minute of it!

Did you know that Player profiles with bios are viewed 97.4% more than profiles without a bio? Only joking, but bios are cool.

@Wafflepus on twitter | Wallpus#1977 on battle.net | Level 121 Mei main on Overwatch | Rarely plays Minecraft

Hailing from the east coast of Scotland, I enjoy all things video games, movies, comics, anime, ''wrestling'' and a few team sports.

I'm Brandon or Shamanom (Shaman-om) I'm a funny guy from Western NY that loves working with charities and having fun with his community. Lets play !

Dual Streamer on #YouTubeGaming & #Twitch • Content Creator•Professional Tea Sipper• Pepsi Man Worshipper• Nintendo Fan

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