Powered by the Essence Engine 3.0, the Company of Heroes 2 series feature some unique mechanics rewarding thoughtful players. From the TrueSight™ system that emulates the units’ line of sight to the cover-system that encourages clever unit placement – not to mention the combined arms approach and the hard and soft counters gameplay that will make you think twice before trying to destroy a tank with a simple squad of riflemen – each game presents players with an uninterrupted stream of meaningful tactical choices that can turn the tide of war.

I am gamer from Czech Republic. I play only for fun, not to win only. And i share my experience from game trought my online channels like Twitch.

Easy going PC and PS4 gamer, wannabe YouTuber and streamer. wanna meet some people to play with.

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Broadcast student, Sports announcer, Beam entertainer, and aspiring voice actor. I love video games and my wife!

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