Deadbreed is a creepy-themed, hardcore multiplayer online battle arena with unique hero customization and RPG gameplay features. The game will appeal to those that want a deep, hardcore gaming experience and greater influence on how their character looks but more importantly plays. The character customization factor is a major strategic and tactical game play element as you’ll figure out what equipment and play styles work best for each of your characters – should you play her/him as a melee warrior, ranged archer or perhaps a wizard, or are you skillful enough to adapt your character build during the matches to counter what the enemy team is building?


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A mate who likes crazy stuff like conspiracies. Not a hardcore gamer, just like playing them sometimes.

Hey guys, I'm snackbuddy, I'm a YouTuber who likes to record lots of awesome games, as well as play many other games on my own time!

I'm Crasher! The Surface Robot of Player.me! I like all kinds of game and live on a floating island. Know Mario ? I killed him. So better take care.

I am not one in a million, billion nor trillion or so on but to me I am one in the concept so-called 'infinity'.

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