Deep Sleep is a 2012 point-and-click adventure game by Scriptwelder. It is a free browser game in which players attempt to navigate a dream world inhabited by shadow people. It was designed for and won first place in the 2012 Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Played by the likes of Markiplier, CinnamonToastKen, PewDiePie, Yamimash and TheRPGMinx Interested in lucid dreams, a researcher constructs a world to explore. However, the world quickly turns nightmarish, and the researcher becomes trapped. Shadowy figures haunt this world and attempt to restrict the player from guiding the researcher to freedom. It has two more game that serve as sequels: "Deeper Sleep" and "The Deepest Sleep" (in this order) PC Gamer included The Deepest Sleep in its "best free games of the week" for August 2, 2014