Destiny of Spirits

created by Q Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated

PlayStation Vita

Destiny of Spirits™ is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game. Players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits in order to purify and save the world. Your unique destiny will be bestowed upon you each new day by way of a mixture of Fortunes and Elements. This will directly influence the abilities of your Elemental Spirits in battle, as well as your own chances of discovering new Spirits waiting to join your cause. There are three different versions of Destiny of Spirits available by region. Different Spirits appear in each version and depending on where you initially start the game. As Spirits are all around us, there are several ways to obtain new Spirits and add them to your collection. By using the PS Vita system’s location-based technology and traveling real-world distances with your PS Vita system, you can unlock new Spirits with every journey. Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits only available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you'll want to get a hold of! This game will not boot past the start screen if the chat restriction is enabled on the user's SEN subaccount.

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