Destiny: Rise of Iron is an expansion pack for Destiny developed by Bungie and published by Actvision, set for release on September 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. About a hundred years ago, the Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to contain SIVA, a technological plague. The Fallen House of Devils has unearthed the plague and used it to augment themselves and become more powerful. Lord Saladin rallies the Guardians to fight against and contain the reemerged threat and become the next generation of Iron Lords.


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​Simply put, I'm a husband, father, surfer, scuba diver, and gamer. My all-time favorite game franchise is Mass Effect, w/ Destiny in 2nd place.

I play everything, but mostly on PS4.I also play League of legends like support.I always play support in video games

I'm just a regular guy who's obsessed with 2 things , French Bulldogs and Videogames . In this order. #Frenchies4Life

I play battlefield hardline, fallout 4, bo3, gta 5, destiny, and halo Also curently a member of the TATMANARMY and trippycommsmafia

Casual gamer. Big on Destiny. Been playing other games. Just got a new capture card so plan on streaming more.

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