Dirty Bomb

created by Splash Damage, Ltd and published by WarChest & Nexon Corporation


It is 2020 and the once great city of London stands abandoned after a mysterious disaster, a dilapidated shell of its former self. Now the streets of London are the playground of Private Military Companies (PMCs) who battle to control the city’s abandoned riches. After all, what’s a little radiation sickness when there’s money to be made?

dunno? just add me and play with me...

I'm pretty good at video games.

I like games & twitch...

I play videos games and sometimes i'm funny.

Just a young gamer. Apart of 911 clan on Dirty Bomb. I also occasionally stream on twitch. ~I may not be the best but I'm willing to learn~

Nordium is a YouTube Content Creator that creates daily Minecraft and Gaming related content.

Part-Time streamer over on: https://beam.pro/notcalledTom http://twitch.tv/notcalledTom

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