A Korean free to play MMORPG for PC.

Hey guys, I'm JusKangkung, pc enthusiast and gaming is my hobby, peace out :)

Hey guys Monolith here! In most cases I'm a very aggressive play style person. So expect a lot of nonsense, and action! Who thinks before anyway?

Xenoparadox iz ze best.huehuehuehuehue

You will know my name.

Hallow! I'm a League of Legends player. I main Corki and also main support Bard. :3 My Pocket picks are Rumble, Veigar, Alistar, Malphite, Jhin. :D

Just A Gamer . Not A Player .

Streamer | Gamer | Support in League of Legends | Arch Herectic in Dragonest | Web Designer | Programmer

Hi there peeps! My name is Valen. I'm literally a gamer as you can see but can be lazy most of the time when comes to my comfy bed. >:D. That's all.

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