The player takes the role of the survivors of a prison spaceship, its escape pod having crashed to the surface of a strange planet. In order to escape, they must take an energy crystal through several floors, each floor filled with a number of dangerous creatures. The player can have their survivors explore the randomly generated levels to collect resources used for enabling power in various rooms and constructing turrets to fend off enemies.

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do you know that 95% of all statistics are made up?

Casual gamer

Speedrunner and streamer @ twitch.tv/lovebotff

I make videos of me and sometimes with my friends playing games while trying to interact with viewers during streams as long as they are not rude.

Just your average gamer here. Totally not a jellyfish. I enjoy a lot of games, but prefer simple, yet challenging games.

Hey guys, I'm snackbuddy, I'm a YouTuber who likes to record lots of awesome games, as well as play many other games on my own time!

Me. 36years old, from Northern Germany. Playing mostly RPG/Strategygames and a lot of Kerbal Space Program. Streaming on Twitch with no Schedule.

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