Officially entitled "Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress," it is more commonly known simply as "Dwarf Fortress." It is a part construction and management simulation, part rogue-like, freeware indie video game created by Tarn and Zach Adams. The game is text-based with ASCII graphics and is open-ended with no main objectives. To play, the player has to generate worlds with continents, oceans and histories documenting civilizations and beasts. The main game mode, Fortress Mode, consists of selecting a suitable site from the generated-world, establishing the fortress, combating threats like goblin invasions and taking care of the dwarves. The second game mode, Adventure Mode, is a turn-based, open-ended roguelike. The combat system is anatomically detailed with combat logs describing organs getting pierced, fat getting bruised and limbs getting severed. The dwarves are modelled down to their individual personalities and by getting "Strange Moods", they can craft legendary artifacts. If not provided for properly, they get overwhelmed with negative thoughts causing a cascading deterioration of the fortress' population called a "Tantrum Spiral".

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