A retro chat client classic guaranteed to question your morals, Emily is Away, is about you, Emily, and her very rude boyfriend.


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Hey there, I'm LexiiB! I avidly play video games and sometimes I record it for my Youtube Channel ( also called LexiiB ).

24 year old sore loser

Playing Games,Watching Anime,Fully described myself!!!

Hey guys, I'm snackbuddy, I'm a YouTuber who likes to record lots of awesome games, as well as play many other games on my own time!

I like cute things & vidja games. Grew up on classic RPGs, action, & puzzle games in the late 80's & 90's.

We are a small group of friends just wanting to make the world laugh. so if you have time for a quick chuckle or a long laugh join us by subscribing!

Hello, I am Marina from Brazil! Mainly looking for gal pals to play with ^^ Feel free to hit me up here, on Steam, or wherever!

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