Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

created by Nerve Software, LLC, Splash Damage, Ltd, id Software, Aspyr Media, Inc. & Underground Development and published by Activision & Zenimax Media Inc

Mac Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360

Take on the role of a soldier in the human Global Defense Force or the alien Strogg, and either save or devastate Earth in the process.

Gamer Guy from Toronto, Canada. Grew up in the '90's with video games (hitting 30 in 2017 and still going strong).

Since 1992. My disease starts when my dad gave me a NES joystick. I think it was in 1995; But im sure that not stopped, and will never cease.

One of the leaders of legendary CzechoSlovak clan in Battlefield 3, the PIRATES. Main games:BF4, OW, HoTS.

Gamer for life.

I'm Alex, I work as web developer and love playing videogames.

Generic user.

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