"Once upon a time... In the era when vampires were still not merely 'tales'... There was a legend that took place in a certain village... There was a small village in the country side where a traveler once appeared. His mysterious figure and appearance surprised the villagers but they warmly welcomed the traveler, and prepared an inn for one evening for him. But that night, the villagers awoke to the sound of a person's shreiks and screams. When they went to look, the inn's manager was dead. And after awhile, they heard yet another shreik. This time, it was from the house right next to the inn. And then after that, the people of the village were killed one after another... ...By that traveler of mysterious appearance. That traveler was a vampire. The vampire, satisfied from killing the villagers here and there, chose one person from the village who he made his partner, and then went away."