Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

created by Tecmo and published by Ubisoft Entertainment & Tecmo

Wii PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox

(Also known as "Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly") This time the terrifying journey takes you to a whole new creepy setting, an abandoned village, where you play the role of Mio Amakura, a young girl who is gifted with a strong sixth sense and her twin sister Mayu, who notices a crimson butterfly faintly glowing in the sky. Mayu, feeling mysteriously compelled to follow the butterfly, chases it into the dark forest. Mio unwillingly follows her sister into the forest's depths. After chasing the crimson butterfly to a clearing in the forest, the two sisters stumble upon a deserted village. Unknown to either sister is that this lost village will become the spooky setting for yet another horrifying tale guaranteed keep you up at night.

Highly competitive, perfectionist gamer (h1z1 KOTK, halo, rarely CoD, etc.) who loves anything horror. I recently acquired a fresh love of For Honor.

Hey guys Monolith here! In most cases I'm a very aggressive play style person. So expect a lot of nonsense, and action! Who thinks before anyway?

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