Flamebreak is a roguelite action RPG that blends elements of FTL, Isaac, and Dota. Each generated run presents new challenges and a unique hero to overcome them. Your hero's race, weapon, and skills will dramatically change the way you approach each enemy and build your character. Master your arsenal and slay a god – or join thousands who fell before in permadeath. Key Features: Over 100 hours of gameplay powered by procedurally generated worlds and thousands of starting hero possibilities that change the feel of each run Daily Challenges! Compete with friends and globally for the best run Unlock 10 races, each with a unique activated ability and stats 8 weapons with varied attack styles and special bonuses 20+ fun to learn, difficult to master skills including Dota inspired skills like Hook 50+ enemy types each with different AI and attack patterns 100+ items, including 15 item sets with powerful, game-warping effects Viscerally satisfying gameplay featuring fluid controls with a gamepad, mouse+keyboard, or even just a keyboard Explore the world of Flamebreak through hand painted scrolls and beautiful rhyming verse penned by Sam "Poem_for_your_sprog" Garland Millions of seeded runs Multiple player profiles


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I'm Brandon or Shamanom (Shaman-om) I'm a funny guy from Western NY that loves working with charities and having fun with his community. Lets play !

Customer Experience @Twitch - Dedicated father & live broadcaster - Biz email: jdubb@jdubb.tv + I love @BlizzHeroes - #BleedPurple

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