Playing as a mysterious second person protagonist, you are tasked with investigating the reason why an infamous hacker known as Bit was discovered dead. It was not an accident, he claims in a hasty will created sometime before his death. Expose the truth, and do be careful in your snooping. You never know who may be watching you.

SkinB5 Brand Ambassador. Creator and Community Manager of Beer Plus Pong. Gaming Host of 3SSR TV.

Youtuber, programmer, musician, Minecraft enthousiast, whovian and creative person all around also co-admin of the GFG server

Owner of @EsportsExec and @TherapyStream | Co-owner of @EntropicEsports | Writer for @myOtakuHouse | #Esports #WorkHardPlayHard #RiseAndGrind.

Avid Youtube Gaming audience, Love the 80's music and cool Monsters.


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