Halo 2

created by Bungie, Microsoft Studios & Pi Studios, LLC. and published by Microsoft Studios

Windows Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One

Halo 2 is a First-person shooter video game developed by Bungie Studios for the Xbox video game console and is forward-compatible with the Xbox 360. It is the second installment of the Halo trilogy and the sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo 2 features a newly-built graphics engine with the addition of new elements to the game. Halo 2 was one of the most successful and actively played video games for the original Xbox console, with 8.46 million copies sold as of November 2008. The game's online servers were discontinued on April 15, 2010, when the original Xbox Live services were shut down. Halo 2 was ported to the PC as Halo 2 Vista. The Campaign and 6 of its multiplayer maps were remastered as part of Halo 2: Anniversary in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One.


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