The newest installment in the Project Diva series of rhythm games.


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I'm tired of earth, so I'm going to become a NEET in space!

Hi.... Umm.... I like rhythm and fighting games.... And especially Neptunia games.

I have congenital excessive concentration.

Gamer. Dreamer. Vegetable Steamer. Subsists on cups of tea & cat videos. I stream Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays! Check my Twitch link for a schedule!

Generic user.

Just your average Anime and Game Otaku. I love Ippongi Ginkoubai and Kamaboko! I mostly play RPGs and MMOs. Feel free to talk with me c:

Tassio, 30, Brazilian, Since 1993 played a lot in Master System, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Arcade in childhood, today, I play it on PC.

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