Every time we wake up on the other side we have a small chance of falling in to never ending dream. Honestly – which side is the true one? We wake up in our beds, but is it possible to remember second awakening? You remember well what you have done in your dream, what happend, who was there and what was your goal or desire. Yes, but WHEN you have woke up? When you have crossed the barrier? How you have entered that world and why it often ends in some sort of tragedy, that pushes you out? The only thing that left are memories of dream. Shattered memories, Haunted Memories. Now you have a chance to visit this haunted realm consciously, but you have to be warned. Remember – once entered, can’t be left. To the very end of your sanity, all six episodes of Haunted Memories are going to show you that sometimes darkness leads to light.


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