Hexen II

created by Raven Software and published by id Software & MacPlay

Mac Windows

Powered by the Quake Engine, Hexen II is a first-person shooter that follows one of four different character classes as they fight their way through several distinct continents searching for Eidolon, the last Serpent Rider.


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Gamer for life.

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Transforms from double tractor trailer to battle station to super robot and back!

I'm Emi, an alien from another galaxy, an uncommon strange lonely and advanced shapeshifting Android made of technology humans would never understand.

Gamer, photographer, motorsports enthusiast, pugilist scholar. I just like having fun in games, win or lose.

Steam id: GNARK!LL PSN: Grim7Reaps Nintendo Network ID: Grim7Reaps I've been gaming for roughly 24 years now and would love to meet other gamers

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