Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

created by Tamsoft Corporation and published by Compile Heart, Inc. & Idea Factory International

Windows PlayStation Vita

Choose your tag team and rip through massive hordes of enemies with exciting aerial and ground-based combos. Look out, though - take too many hits and your clothes and defense will end up shredded!

Nep, Nep, Nepitty, Nep, Nep

I play games, not skillfully, but I still play them.

I'm MagiasCosplay, a cosplayer and visual artist.

Hi.... Umm.... I like rhythm and fighting games.... And especially Neptunia games.

Gaming Enthusiast. Involved in the field of microbiology and interested in the tech industry.

Neptunia, anime and rhythm game lover!

I enjoy listening to music. I can't really name a favourite genre though I usually listen to heavy metal, electro and R&B

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