Ib is a horror game created by Kouri with the RPG Maker 2000 engine. The game follows nine-year-old Ib on a visit with her parents to an art museum, which soon takes a twisted turn as the lights go out and the famous Guertena's exotic pieces of art become all too life-like. While searching for a way to return to her own world, she finds a man named Garry, who helps her in her quest to escape the cursed gallery of the Fabricated World. As the game progresses, Ib and Garry meet a mysterious girl by the name of Mary. Depending on how the player progresses throughout the game, the ending will vary, as many of the player's choices will affect the game's ending. The game is focused on exploration and puzzle-solving. There are no battles, and it does not demand for quick reflexes.

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I pretty much just play video games along with making funny commentary, and post them on Youtube.

I just make stuff mostly art

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I just don't know what I'm doing with my life :3

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I'm into Souls, Touhou, Type-Moon and doujin games.

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