In an alternate future, Ise “Inago” Asahi struggles to turn a university sport into a worldwide phenomenon. Inago Rage is a first-person shooter set in small arenas. The game starts on 1st January 1999 and it is set on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon. Through comic-book like sequences with manipulated photographs between levels it is shown that the arenas are simulations designed by humans. There are 50 levels in total and most of them consist of multiple platforms linked together. The player's character can freely move around, jump and shoot. It is also possible to use rocket boots for a short amount of time to cross gaps. The goal of most of the levels is to shoot a certain amount of enemies or collect a number of jewels before time expires. Many small enemies spawn at once and form swarms. There are 31 different types of enemies in total. There are power-ups that provide bonuses such as triplefire, rapidfire, splinter, slow time, boost, guardian, shield, health, neutron bomb, attractor, and lunar quake. Later levels often have a vertical design with many platforms stacked on top of each other. You respawn after falling down, with a small time penalty. The game includes a level editor to build custom levels that can be shared with other players.


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