Killing Floor

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When hordes of failed super-soldiers (the zombie-like "specimens") break out of the labs of Horzine Biotech, it's up to London's finest to put them down in this cooperative survival horror wave-based first-person shooter.

Hello, I am Unreal, or Lauren, which ever order you want to put the letters in. I live in the great state of Texas with my boyfriend and dog, Tiger!

Avid gamer since I built my first computer with 256MB of ram. Enjoying ames from CS, LoL to CO-OP games, RTS, just about everything

I'm just a dad. Been gaming since green 1988 and still loving it.

Lets Player-Cheesecake Partaker-Anime/Comic Geek-Animal Lover-Wants To Make The World A Better Place One Smile At A Time.

Contributor for @NewGamePlus, online content producer on @Youtube/@Twitch/@Vidme and professional Australian.

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