6-player co-op Zed-slaughtering mayhem. In Early Access so we can get the gameplay balance perfected, to ensure the maximum amount of fun. And blood and guts.

I wish my name was "Cool Shiba".

Life's too short, make the most of it.

I'm a gamer, with a habbit of posting YouTube videos to the web, mainly focusing on game reviews and first impressions videos. I also like pizza ;)

Hellooo!! I'm Mohamed from Morocco .

Hello everyone! I'm a dedicated streamer to several souces including Twitch, Youtube and Hitbox. I play many diverse games, come join me!

Hey, everyone just wanted to say thank you for checking me out and be sure to hit me up on https://beam.pro/aKaBeerthirty. Have many GG's

Simply, a Gamer!

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