Kingdom of Paradise

created by Climax Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe & Sony Computer Entertainment Korea


The story of this game takes place in an almost feudal China, which is simulated through the fictitious world of Ouka. The continent of Ouka is separated into five divisions; Northern (Genbu), Eastern (Seiryu), Southern (Suzaku) Western (Byakko) and Central (Kirin). Each of the five divisions has a Clan Lord, clan disciples, a particular style of Chi and sword fighting and a sacred sword. It is later revealed that each sword – except the Kirin Sacred Sword – controls one of the Four Gods of Ouka. The main character, Shinbu, has been exiled from his clan, the Seiryu, after looking at the Ancient Monument, which holds the secrets of the Seiryu Chi Arts. The surviving disciple named Sui Lin tracks down Shinbu to tell him that their clan was destroyed, and they're the only two survivors. They also later discover that their sacred sword has been stolen (as, later on, the other three clans'.) On a quest to find out who destroyed their clan, Shinbu and Sui Lin go to warn the three other clans that the ruling Kirin clan is rising in power and plans to steal each clan's sacred sword, each containing unimaginable power, to overthrow them all.