Left 4 Dead 2

created by Valve Corporation and published by Valve Corporation & EA Games

Mac Linux Windows Xbox 360

Four new survivors must work together to make it through the zombie apocalypse in the Southern United States, facing new threats and traversing new terrain as they fight their way through this sequel to Valve's critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead.

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Guy from the Netherlands. Huge Bioshock & Borderlands fan.

Hello there! I'm from Brazil and I'm a big fan of games and I'm looking for friends to play together :D

One half of the Teatime Consortium, DapperCat is the sartorial other half of BumblestheFox. Snappily dressed and snarky, he streams on Beam and stuff.

ฅ^ㅇㅅㅇ^ฅ ♡ Currently Playing: Overwatch, HotS, BDO.

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