A con artist calling himself Leo travels with an unusual girl named Efina. They arrive in Vermilion Town, and learn of the vampire legend told there. Leo doubts there's much of value in the town, but if the legend is true... LiEat, a portmanteau of "lie" and "eat", and abbreviation for the games full title The Lie-Eating Dragon, is a freeware RPG by Miwashiba made in WOLF RPG editor. The first game of the trilogy "The Lie-Eating Dragon and the Vermilion Vampire". Each game follows a con artist, Teo, who arrives at a town to seek and sell out information he has acquired from previous places. Accompanying him is a young girl named Efina; Efi for short. She is a young dragon whose egg suddenly appeared before Teo prior to the events of the series. At each town they visit, They will help and sort out any problems among the people they meet as well as to unlock information as to what caused Efina to suddenly appear before Teo, along with the existence of all other dragons.


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