created by Amanita Design and published by Amanita Design, Daedalic Entertainment & Lace Mamba Global

Mac Linux Windows PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita Android iOS

Machinarium is award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula. Players must use logic, collect important items, and solve environmental puzzles to get the robot back into the city of Machinarium so he can rescue his robot-girlfriend, save the head of the city, and defeat the bad guys from the Black Cap Brotherhood.


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I would call myself a pretty casual gamer and appreciate tactical cooperation. I'm mostly sniper/recon, because I can lay quietly and concentrate.

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Hello my friends! YouTuber, Twitcher and Gamer <3

i sometimes play games??? probably watching anime, tho~

3-D Modeler.

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