Marathon 2: Durandal

created by Bungie & Freeverse, Inc. and published by Microsoft Studios & Bungie

Mac Windows Xbox 360

The second in Bungie's Marathon Trilogy, Marathon 2: Durandal is a science-fiction first-person shooter that tells the tale of a security officer forced into the service of the titular Durandal, an A.I. of questionable mental integrity.


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Brothers Narcogen and Blackstar, worlds apart, play Bungie games new & old + other cool stuff, streaming & recording on YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch & Beam

Michigan based illustrator, film buff and collector of crap.

This guy told me to 1v1 myself. And guess what?

I like Japanese games slightly too much and spend far too much money on them. Part of the weeb *cough* I mean Hummingbird army

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