Mass Effect

created by BioWare, Demiurge Studios & Edge of Reality, Ltd. and published by Microsoft Studios & Electronic Arts

Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360

When humanity is still a newcomer on the futuristic galactic stage, it's up to the charismatic Commander Shepard to investigate the actions of a rogue agent in the first chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Hey i,m from the Netherlands from the region Noord Holland - (NH) i,m male and hetero born 1969 18 januari. I play on STEAM, ORIGIN, UPLAY.

Hi all the names Mike otherwise known as Siphonix1988 here on Twitch and plain old Siphonix on Xbox live i am a Gamesmaster for Xbox UK

hey guys whats up im devil and im just your typical guy who loves video games, anime, movies and music i also run a small youtube channel with my mate

Just a average gamer. I like everything but the sport and horror genres (with exception to NHL for Canadian reasons).

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I'm Craft I have had 123 Surgeries. So that's why My Voice Sounds damaged, Regardless i am a TwitchTv Streamer who does daily content :D

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