Mass Effect 3

created by BioWare, Tantalus Media, Straight Right & Sonic Mayhem and published by Electronic Arts

Windows Wii U PlayStation 3 Xbox 360

When Earth begins to fall in an ancient cycle of destruction, Commander Shepard must unite the forces of the galaxy to stop the Reapers in the final chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy.

A swedish streamer that streams whenever I like. I play Xbox One and like messing around with Dark Souls 3

3-D Modeler.

help me obi juan you're my only ho

Just a gaymer

I'm BatMark, a 34 year old PC gamer. It's easier to list the games I don't play Terraria, CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, BattleField, Call Of Duty, TitanFall.

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